Heavy Crowns

by Protomythos

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I have seen them turn to nothing Still the taste for life’s unfading Vanishing like thoughts of kindness Losing everything to numbness And you embrace the sale Persuaded through the veil Of culture Sensation leads the way Respect for life decays Devoured Vanity prevails Reveals the blind man's trail Truth won’t make you see Cries won’t make you hear Doubt won’t make you think Thought won’t make you feel I have seen you stealing life Cheapening blood that flows like water Stepping on the plank to pleasure Sacrificing their volition
Bury your head in the sand Hide it from plea You’ll never sleep Falling into dreams Hauling air We are just born to stare We all just take our share Cracking the will to dare Your life is my life My life is your strife Your strife is my delight But your right ain’t my fight Kings will drown With heavy crowns Kings will drown With lethal crowns Dust off the specks of yourself Turn the cold cheek You won’t admit What came before won’t fit Hauling air We are just born to stare We all just take our share Cracking the will to dare
Evolve 05:16
We embrace the age-old abyss Feeding the monsters we dismiss Deities come and then fade away None could have changed men’s frozen prey We embrace that ancient praxis So evolved, so decayed, charade We embrace that ancient praxis So evolved, so decayed, charade Savage ways take their breath away Twisted ideals that they must obey We embrace that ancient praxis So evolved, so decayed, charade We embrace that ancient praxis So evolved, so decayed, charade Ancient, mindless, primitive Senseless, barbaric, obsolete Numb, dark, apathy Blind, ignorant - evolve!
What should I say or do To make you see within The breadth of change in you I cannot explain It’s always been your weakest spot Drowning in the crowd Turn away, look at them Think of them to understand Witness the pain Break through the veil of delusion Breaking the chains of routine That weigh on your weakened neck The creeping chill inside your heart Fragile fallacy It’s always been your biggest fear To stand out from the crowd Think again, not the same Think again to understand The way you see it Grey turns to white The part that heeds Is truly cracked Drawn to the spite The mob and the flame Arresting guilt And shifting the blame
Bitter Truth 07:52
The more you peel The more you conceal A bitter truth A grave of the mind Logic confined Suppress the decision The more you peel The more you conceal A bitter truth A shattered plate Disservice to hate Begins the transition Starting to absorb Swallow the pain whole The more you feel The more you reveal A bitter truth At last you perceive What’s hard to believe Embrace the collision You cannot ignore This civil war A bitter truth Decision will bring The simplest thing An end to tradition Starting to absorb Swallow the pain whole Tell me, show me What they do to those pure hearts and behind the walls The world has lost all meaning I’ve heard, forever They serve me, I’m above Tomorrow holds no place for thee The less you block The more you unlock A bitter truth Why try to defend What you must amend Revise the cognition Excusing as fate and quick to negate A bitter truth If you see the lie You cannot deny You’re caught in addiction
Flip, flip the coin They can’t see You fall down On your face It isn’t them who saw you dying It isn’t them who put you down You won’t know tomorrow You don’t know today You won’t be their best friend That tear does not fall easy Grain of sand Razor’s edge One demand from me Connection Dissension No enemies It’s over High time False benevolent memories False benevolent memories Forgotten like friendly enemies They said they love You won’t know Flipped the coin Coupe de grace
The Candle 05:41
The candle, the candle’s burning It burns us, searing white And right now gates are closing Narrow as the minds Goodbye to blue sky We couldn’t justify Fading, fading mercy Many years have passed us by Never stopping to ask why We could let it go, let it go Part of the same mold Welcoming the blindfold Faking just a blank face of stone Part of the same mold Welcoming the blindfold We have seen the road that lay ahead Falling down, heavy’s the crown Falling down, when will we drown Waiting for the storm To find us in our homes Crazy, this is crazy All those fears are creeping by Calculating when we’ll die We can’t let it go, let it go
You’ve lost the witness The one who made you see You’ve found the illness That warped reality Do you feel it now Do you hear the crowd They don’t speak but they plea Hopeless silent cries Sleeper, downwind seeker Disdain preacher Death-bound creed Why, why are you surprised? They cannot see inside No, you don’t feel them too How would they know you strayed You sway and you come again with another tale If only the truth could match it You slay the moments that lead to a better way And cast doubt away Grey is the forever mask Doves won’t fly back to you again Is this all a shadow play Until we break Until we ache Until our deeds see the strings on which they’re hanging


released January 28, 2019

Guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards and effects - Tom Treivish
Drums - Chris Allan
Piano on Fragile Fallacy and Bitter Truth - Itay Kashti

All music and lyrics by Tom Treivish
Produced by Tom Treivish
Additional production and engineering by Itay Kashti
Drums produced and engineered by Meyrick de la Fuente

Mixed by Michael Brauer www.mbrauer.com
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - USA www.maorappelbaum.com
Cover art by Nikolina Petolas

Thanks to everyone who have made this album possible:
Chris Allan
Itay Kashti
Meyrick de la Fuente
Michael Brauer
Maor Appelbaum
And of course to Tali

Special thanks to anyone who is vegan and doesn't take part in animal exploitation.


all rights reserved



Protomythos London, UK

PROTOMYTHOS is the musical project of Israeli-born, London-based musician Tom Treivish.

Heavy Crowns, released in 2019, was mixed by Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer (Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Dream Theater) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Yes, Sepultura).

The debut album, In Human Sight, came out in 2013 and is a prog rock vegan concept album. Yes, you read it correctly.
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